Create AWS Access Keys and Secrets

Earlier, you created your AWS account. Now you must create AWS access keys and secrets that will enable you to access and interact with AWS programmatically, which is also essential for integrating AWS into your pipeline.

In your AWS Console, navigate to IAM > User > your user > Security credentials tab.

Your screen should look similar to this:

Access Keys

Click the Create access key button.

Store the secret access key in a safe place. Once you click out of the box, that key will no longer be accessible. You will have to delete that access key pair and generate a new one.

After generating the access keys, your dashboard should look something like this: Create Access Key

These access keys are part of an IAM User that has administrative privileges. Do not share these with anyone, or they will have access your AWS account with admin privileges.

Create AWS Key Pair

You will need to create an AWS EC2 Key Pair which will grant Terraform access to provision the EC2 nodes in later sections.

  1. Open the Amazon EC2 console at
  2. In the navigation pane, under Network & Security, choose Key Pairs.
  3. Choose Create key pair.
  4. For Name, enter this value ee-default-keypair for the key pair
  5. For Key pair type, choose RSA
  6. For Private key format, chose .pem
  7. Click the Create key pair button

You have created and safely stored your newly created AWS Access Keys and Secrets and the ee-default-keypair AWS EC2 key pair. Now, let’s fork the GitHub example project repository for this workshop.